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1. You learn to wash your hair with cold water.
(To preserve the color.)

giphy (27)

2. You learn to only wash the top half of your head.
(To preserve the color on the tips.)

giphy (28)

3. You learn to only wash the top half of your head while standing outside the shower, with cold water.
(Must preserve the color. Duh!)

giphy (31)

4. You learn not to wash your head at all for two weeks.
(The color will stay in longer.)

giphy (43)

5. You learn that dry shampoos are icky and make the top of your head look like a snow covered peak.
(But the color on the tips is so bright, tho!)

giphy (26)

6. You don’t let anyone touch your scalp.
(They’ll make it dirty => You’ll have to wash again => The color will fade.)

giphy (32)

7. You learn to match your t-shirt to your hair.
Then, on a roll, you match your hair to your bra. Or your hair to your sneakers, and it works out great. Look at how nice it makes all that color pop!


8. You get compliments from baristas and cosmetics store assistants.
As they remove their slouchy hats to reveal their mermaid hair and ask what brand hair dye you’ve used.

giphy (34)

9. Your head itches.
Even though 1, 2, 3, 5.

giphy (2)

10. You do it all over again.
Because it makes life so much more fun!

giphy (33)

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Bonus. Every shower you take ends up being that famous scene from Psycho.
But it’s a kawaii Psycho. Those pink streams of dye, going down your drain, can’t be serious.

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