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1. After the movers are gone, you end up with two of everything.
You’ve got two queen beds, two couches, and two shower curtains. And four coffee makers.


2. He is in a relationship with his cat.
She walks out when she sees you lounging on “her” side of the bed and your living room is full of her doppelgängers that his friends brought from exotic countries. When you ask why won’t they give him a souvenir with your face on it for a change he claims it’d be a little weird.


3. He has parents, and they’re gonna stay in your guest bedroom for Thanksgiving.
Immediately after they leave, you are surprised with plane tickets to Florida to spend Christmas with them.


4. Your sister gets mad when you announce that she cannot crash at your place whenever she wants anymore,
and the new borders have to be established.


5. After the dust settles, she gets concerned that she can’t hang out around your apartment in just underwear.
And the following conversation happens:

It’s not like I miss that. You know. Like I SO miss your 🍑. Gross! Hopefully, he likes it.

Now you know everything.

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6. You spend all day, since 8am thinking about how you gonna come home and go back to sleep together.
And you do the same the next day.


 7. At the same time, you miss your old life and make a pledge to yourself to always cherish your memories and your friends.
Even if it involves driving to Santa Monica from Hollywood at 6pm on Friday.


 8. You wonder why your coupled friends never told you any of this.
You look them in the eyes as they are talking about this recent article they read on Facebook, and think: You’ve been through all of this, and act like nothing happened??? Are you insane??!


9. You feel guilty that you are so happy.
But you tell yourself that people probably have no clue how you feel. Because they rarely do.



OK, that wasn’t 7 things, after all. My bad. kbye!

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* 10. You never finish what you started (cooking).
You beat egg into a french toast and lay out the entire batch neatly on the heated pan. The next time you look  they are already served. Soon you find out that you are never able to complete all steps of the recipe and you feel like you haven’t tried at it at all 😢.